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New Happenings for Oak Lake Art Center

New Building

OLAC has a new site for art classes!


Sitting atop White Mountain, nestled between the Cuyamacas and Julian, CA, rests the new OLAC art center- the future home for workshops, seminars, classes, and many more programs that will help bring art into local communities. This inspiring location is full of possibilities. The lives that may be touched by its' potential can create a ripple effect, reaching out to the rest of the world letting others know that “Hey, it's OK to express our creative selves. It's OK to channel the universe through our fingertips, into the clay being formed, into the bronze being cast, onto the canvass being brought to life.” This is what OLAC is all about.


One of the easiest ways to get to the building on top of White Mountain is by the off road Polaris.  This can easily transport artist to the classroom.

Art Classes year round for 2009 taught by Stan Goudey


OLAC is currently working with Pathways at Julian Elementary to start after school art classes for the local students.  We are training a new member of the OLAC family, Joey Romano, who will bring his special talent to the classes. 

Stan Goudey looks over Joey Romano as he paints a popular action figure.

November 2008

Oak Lake Art Center had George and Kris Deibert put up the remainder
ti pi's and add their artistic flare with the burnt wagon parts and natural surroundings.


          Kris, Ed and George                            Kris and George taking a well deserved break

George Deibert is a San Diego native, a member of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montanna, and part of the Red Crow Clan. 
Kris, his wife, is a native of South Dakota.

November 19, 2008

From left to right:
Steve Pettit, Tom Mountain, Kevin Ogden, Brad Shearer, Ed White

Ed, along with the other 4 gentlemen, received a MAPF (Males as Positive Forces) award from the Julian Backcountry Collaborative.  The Julian Backcountry Collaborative brings together groups and individuals to promote the well being of our community.

October, 2008

Oak Lake Art Center and White Mountain Institute had Pablo and Soledad, 2 artists from Chile, visit us for a week in Julian, CA.

    Pablo, Ed and Paul                                                       Soledad and Pablo               

Saturday, September 27th 2008

Blackfeet Ti Pi  BBQ
10:00 A.M.
Oak Lake Art Center on White Mountain Julian, California

             Getting the poles ready                            Trying to understand the directions


   Getting the canvas around the poles                          Ed Blessing the ti pi

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