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Westward Ho! was founded by David and Jan Stone in the mid seventies as a non-profit, educational corporation.  Westward Ho ran a three day, two night, pioneer experience for 4th graders.  A part of the California State 4th grade curriculum is a study of the westward movement.  The children lived as pioneers on the trail, with a wagon encampment on ranch land that encompassed around 10,000 acres.  They attended school under the old oaks, wrote on slate boards, bathed in a pond and used old fashioned washboards to clean their clothes.   Community members shared the history of the Julian area during pioneer times.  A pony express rider visited the camp and a local gun collector demonstrated hunting with a long rifle.  Another community member brought her spinning wheel and gave a demonstration.  They made beef jerky, and homemade candles.  Meals were cooked over an open fire pit with a large spit.  Meat wrapped in burlap was buried in a pit and cooked.  Meals were served off the back of the restored chuck wagon and water was supplied from the water wagon.  A restored prairie schooner was a shelter for sleeping for some of the kids.

This experience provided a wonderful opportunity to learn history by living it.  It was an experience the kids thoroughly enjoyed and never forgot.  Students throughout the years have expressed how much they enjoyed the experience and how great it was.
After David's death, the corporation was taken over by Ed and Joan White.  It remains as a legacy for David, continuing to share the history of our nation's Native Americans and it's pioneers. 


Ed has transformed Westward Ho! into Oak Lake Art Center.  Holding onto the ideals of David, Oak Lake Art Center is in the process of rebuilding a recreation of what would have been a Native American camp site, providing artists a place to get back to nature.  We are currently constructing a 1,200 square foot agriculture building and garden next to the ti pi on top of beautiful White Mountain.  We are now holding weekly 2 hour painting classes at the bottom of the mountain in Eds personal studio.

Executive Director

Edward Alvin White (born April 4, 1947 in La Mesa, California) is a former American football player. But he graduated from Indio High School in Indio, California and the school's football stadium is named Ed White Stadium.

In college, White played for the University of California, Berkeley Golden Bears (1966-68) as a defensive lineman and was selected a consensus All-American player in 1968.

He has a BLA degree from the School of Environmental Design,  majoring in Landscape Architecture.  While at Cal, Ed studied Art, Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

White began his professional football career with the Minnesota Vikings after being drafted in the second round of the 1969 AFL/NFL draft. Before the 1978 season, he was traded to the San Diego Chargers, with whom he played until 1985 when he retired after 17 years and 241 games. Mainly used at offensive guard, he was selected to the Pro Bowl four times.

He was named three times the Chargers’ offensive lineman (1983, 1984, 1985), and has been inducted into five Hall of Fames

College Football Hall of Fame
University of California Hall of Fame
Breitbard Hall of Fame
East-West Shrine Game Hall of Fame
San Diego Charger Hall of Fame (2004)

Ed White was one of the first players to go to the Pro Bowl and represent both the NFC and the AFC. 

Ed White has been producing art for several organizations.
He also has art from his private collection across the country.

White's brother, Paul F White, PhD, MD, is a world renown expert and physician in anesthesiology.

Board Members

Richard Bugbee :  Has spent many years working for The Museum of Man in San Diego.  Currently he teaches a Native Plant Materials class at Cyuamaca College.  He also passes on to Kumeyaay language to Native American youth in our community.  Richard is a Native American born and raised in San Diego.

Paul Holt : Founder and owner of Team Reprographics of San Diego.  He is passionate about the youth in the community.

Jerry Sherk M.A. : is a former All-Pro defensive tackle for the Cleveland Browns who went out to become a leading expert in both youth and adult mentoring programs.  Over the past ten years, Jerry has helped several hundred mentoring programs develop their structure and operational procedures, and to train their mentors.

Buddy Siefert
: Julian resident that presides over the Water Board.  Also Director of Operations for the Julian Union High School program.

Jan Stone:
has lived and/or worked in the Julian area for 30 plus years.  She works with second language students at the Julian Union School District.  For several years she also taught English to Spanish speaking adults in the adult education program at Julian High School.  Jan has been involved in the local melodramas, which raise scholarship money for high school students.  She also served on the committee that formed Pathways, an organization that provides services and information regarding Medi-Cal, counseling, parenting classes, mentoring etc.  Pathways is part of a county wide collaborative to provide services for the backcountry in San Diego County.

Joan White : Has been an educator for over 20 years.  She is currentaly in charge of a specialized reading program at Julian Elemntary School.

Danny Yabarra :
Is a San Diego based attorney working in the DA office with the youth in the court systems.
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