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July 10th, 2012
Ed White and Joey Romano came to Julian Elementary's SAI summer school class to do an art class.  Some kids were not secure in their art talent, but then blossomed when they got that brush in their hands.


May 5th, 2012
Dear Friends,
OLAC is partnering with the Inter Tribal Long Term Recovery Foundation to teach painting and art to Native youth. Our first project is a Shield Art Lesson in which the youth draw and paint a shield. A shield in most Native communities represents a person's life, journey, and story. The art lesson provides the kids with a chance to think about their lives as a whole, round circle connected to people, activities, and the land. The Inter Tribal Long Term Recovery Foundation provides assistance to Native communities for disaster preparedness and recovery. The concern is to outreach and educate tribal youth about preparedness and to get them thinking about the relationship and protection of the land, their homes, and families--hence the "shield" as the object of protection, contemplation, and expression of their lives. 
I will be auctioning my shield at the event to raise money for the partnership to continue. Many of you have expressed an interest in attending the event and I welcome you to do so. Please go to
http://itltrf.org/j251/index.php/gal-2012 online and you can purchase your tickets. Or you can call Theresa Gregor directly at 760-473-2012 and she can assist you with the details for ticket purchase.

Thank you!

July 16th and 17th 2011

On top of White Mountain, OLAC hosted a Styrofoam Carving and Design class.  The instructor was sculptor/artist Peter Mitten.  Local artists include Ed White, Bill Porter, Shot Linton and Tim Fletcher.


Styrofoam cutting, or hot wire cutting uses a thin wire with over 200 volts running through it.  Peter made his own hot wire and showed the artists how to carve through big blocks of EPS foam (Styrofoam).


The artists first mark out their design in the Styrofoam, then they might use other power tools and chisels before finishing with the hot wire.  


After the second day, the artists painted their pieces and put them on display in the OLAC classroom.


  May 3rd. 2011
 Just in time for Mother's Day, the third grade class at Julian Elementary was treated to an art class given by Ed White. 

The art class was a perfect break from the stressfull STAR testing they had earlier in the day.
There will be some lucky moms receiving these one of a kind paintings this year!

October 2010
~Julian Pathways~
Ed White, Executive Director of OLAC and artist, as well as Stan Goudey, a talented local artist, recently held workshops for the Julian Elementary and Jr. High School Pathways Program, bringing their knowledge and wisdom to eager groups of children who were all smiles from the moment the day began. Brushes in hand, and the desire to learn while expressing their own creative voices provided for a fulfilling day in the classroom. 



More Pathways/OLAC educational seminars will be held in the near future for the Santa Ysabel and Mesa Grande Native American Reservations in the beautiful valley of Santa Ysabel, CA.

September 12th, 2009


~Garden Party~

The fundraiser for Oak Lake Art Center was a huge success.  From your generous donations we are now able to bring more art classes to students who will really benefit from them. 


Ed showing guests the art on display for the raffle in Bill Porter’s Yurt.

Bill Porter’s house named Wing Dance.


Thanks to Bill Porter for generously hosting the event at his beautiful and unique home, Wing Dance.  Artists who donated their wonderful work for the raffle were: Ed White, James Hubbell, Robbie Laird Rasmussen, Stan Goudey, Tim Fletcher, Pete Mitten, Annie Fagan, Mary Carol, Don Madison and Coko Brown.  Thank you!


June 6th, 2009
Julian Cub Scout and WeBeLoS Pack 690, came to OLAC to learn ways of the Native Americans in our area.  They learned about their gardening techniques, like the three sisters, (corn, beans and squash).  And experienced the raising of a tipi.

After the boys put up the tipi we had a Bobcat Badge Ceremony.  Each young man had earned their badge and their place in the pack. 

March 19th,2009

Students from the Santa Rosa Community Day School in Borrego came to Oak Lake Art Center to participate in a unique program.  We are learning from these creative teens how gardening can be therapeutic.  They already have a garden in the desert and are very successful.  Gary Gernandt heads this group and provides an atmosphere that creates trust, vital for these challenged teens.
When they first arrived from their long drive, we went down to the garden to show them our raised plant beds. 

The students were very eager to get started on their art class.  After a line drawing lesson the group took a break and hiked to the tipi's and had lunch.
After lunch they hiked back down to the Oak Lake Art Center Studio to start on their paintings.
Given only primary colors, one student didn't know why he didn't have any green on his palette.  He thenlearned that "yellow and blue make green."                 



Before they left, Gary and his class helped plant spinach, turnips and lettuce in OLAC's garden.  It was a beautiful day to be outside!

February 19, 2009
OLAC did a community outreach at Julian High School.  Ed put on a line drawing and painting class for a few kids after school.  The students were very proud of their art.





January 22, 2009
Oak Lake Art Center traveled 100 miles to Indio, California.  Ed White held an art class at The City of Indio Teen Center.  The students attend Indio High School, Eds alma matter.  They all enjoyed meeting Ed, because their stadium that they play and watch football in, is named after him. They also had a good time learning how to have fun while drawing and painting their subjects.




            Rachel, a 10th grader at Indio High School, shows off her piece with Ed.

December 10, 2008
Oak Lake Art Center visited Julian Elementary Pathways today.  Ed White showed students how to line draw and paint.  All the kids had a great time learning to relax while painting their interpretation of what they each had drawn.  Leslie and Dian, instructors from Oak Lake Art Center, were also there to assist in showing the proper techniques of line drawing and painting.



Oak Lake Art Center was established after the 2003 Cedar Fires in Julian, California The Oak Lake Mission Statement is to support the use of art as a complementary healing tool.  This non profit establishes hands on programs on site and in communities to individuals suffering from physical, emotional and mental trauma.

Oak Lake Art Center

P.O. Box 2084

Julian, California 92036

Oak Lake Art Center is currently working with the Julian Elementary Schools program, Pathways.  Pathways is an after school program that is helping students who are having trouble learning in school. 
Our goal is to teach students creative ways of learning! 
Why not through art?

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